Open Air x GO EXTREME: Free Solo

Free entry

Out into the extremes under the open sky!

In connection with the Aarhus Festival, in connection with the Aarhus Festival, the exhibition GO EXTREME and Cinemateket invite you to an outdoor screening of the documentary Free Solo. The film depicts the free climber Alex Honnold's attempt to climb the world's most famous cliff, which towers 1000 metres above sea level in the Californian national park Yosemite – with no liner, rope nor other kinds of safety gear!

Inspirationally, Free Solo focuses on an EXTREMELY extreme sports athlete who transcends the understanding of the physical and psychological potential of man. In the midst of its intense and chilling rise to the top, the documentary contains an existential and moral drama without equal. Because the climber has fallen in love, and when he starts his training, the armor of invincibility, he has built up for decades, unexpectedly breaks and threatens to blur his focus...

This Oscar-winning documentary premiered in 2018, but is already mentioned as one of the most important adventure films ever.

Free Solo will be screened at the amphitheatre between Musikhuset and Aros in the centre of Aarhus and is introduced by the climber Esben Seir.

Information: Due to eventual covid-19 restrictions, a ticket reservation may be required for a ticket fee. The space opens every day in good time before the screening. The film will start at 21.00. For further information.

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