Open Air x GO EXTREME: Man on Wire

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Language: English

Out into the extremes under the open sky!

In connection with the Aarhus Festival, the exhibition GO EXTREME and Cinemateket invite you to an outdoor screening of the Oscar-winning documentary feature "Man on Wire" about the French line dancer and happening artist Philippe Petit's unique achievement, where he walked between the two twin towers in New York in 1974.

The film is built like a thriller. A heist film that in details, energetic, quivering beautifully, well-balanced – and fun! – reveals the meticulous planning which formed the basis for the 'artistic crime of the century'.

Man on Wire will be screened at the amphitheatre between Musikhuset and Aros in the centre of Aarhus and is introduced GO EXTREME Director Peter Ole Pedersen and Morten Tang of the Cinemateque.

Information: Due to eventual covid-19 restrictions, a ticket reservation may be required for a ticket fee. The space opens every day in good time before the screening. The film starts at 21.00. For further information.

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