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Let Kunsthal Aarhus host your meeting, reception, conference, product launch, or workshop. We are placed in the centre of Aarhus and surrounded by the peaceful Sculpture Park with works by Danish and international artist. We have facilities for both small and big events. Your guest will have first-hand access to the finest contemporary art.

Café Kunsthal offers vegetarian food, sweets and beverages.

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Book Spaceframe Complex

Hold your next event in Spaceframe Complex

Do you want to hold your next meeting in a space capsule?

In Kunsthal Aarhus Sculpture Park is the work Spaceframe Complex, which can be the framework for your next music video, mother group meeting, picnic or whatever you can think of.

It is free to book as long as the event is not commercial or party political. After Kunsthal Aarhus opening hours, you must make a deposit of DKK 1,500, which you will get back if the loan agreement is held.

The capacity of these corona times is 10 people.

You must write down the purpose of your event in the booking system. Once you have booked, we must approve your purpose. Events must not take place between 10 pm and 07 am.

Here you can read the other terms for the loan, that must be signed when you receive the key:

– Borrower is responsible for any damage caused to the work and any equipment lent from the Kunsthal Aarhus during the loan period.

– Borrower is responsible for ensuring that the work is only used for the agreed purpose.

– Borrower is responsible for ensuring that the work is properly locked when the work is empty during the loan period.

– The key to the work is picked up and handed in at Kunsthal Aarhus opening hours in the café.

– If the work is borrowed after Kunsthal Aarhus opening hours, a deposit of DKK 1,500 will be paid, which will be refunded upon delivery, if there is no damage or need for extra cleaning.
Regardless of the lending period, must the Spaceframe Complex be empty and locked during the period between 10 pm to 07 am. Events must thus be completed so the Spaceframe Complex is abandoned and locked no later than 10pm.

– The key is handed in no later than 10 am the day after the event.

– The borrower and an employee of Kunsthal Aarhus inspect the work the key is handed in. If the employee of Kunsthal Aarhus cannot approve the work’s condition the handing in the key, Kunsthal Aarhus will photograph what gives rise to the lack of approval, and these photographs will form the basis of evidence for the borrower’s obligation to pay compensation or repair.

– By signing the loan agreement, the borrower accepts all the terms of agreement, including the above clarifying terms.

– If changes are agreed to the above or other conditions, these are only valid if they are in writing and have been signed by both parties to the agreement.

– The signer confirms that he or she has the authority to sign this agreement and assumes personal liability if it is not correct.

– Kunsthal Aarhus disclaims any organizer responsibility for the events that may be held at Spaceframe Complex.

Spaceframe Complex consists of three parts:

The main construction N55 Spaceframe was created by the artist group N55 (Rikke Luther, Cecilia Wendt, Jon Sørvin & Ingvil Aarbakke) in 1999-2000.

The first of the two extensions was created in 2007 by the artist group Learning Site, which consisted of two of the members from N55, namely Rikke Luther and Cecilia Wendt. It is titled Pod # 001 - Where is the Sun, Gleaning Solar Power and is created as a greenhouse with solar panels and rainwater.

The other extension is Pod # 002 - Parasiting Compost Unit and was created by Learning Site in 2011, which at that time only consisted of Rikke Luther. This construction originally functioned for composting of organic waste and for teaching in biological processes.

The work is an iconic example of an international artistic and technological movement in the 90s and 00s that focused on art as a social innovator and on do-it-yourself manuals that could democratize artistic creation.

Spaceframe Complex has functioned for many years as a houseboat on the Refshalvøen in Copenhagen. Here it stood on top of another work of the N55, namely the raft Floating Platform.

Manuals for all works by N55 can be found at

Rikke Luther, Spaceframe Complex. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal
Rikke Luther, Spaceframe Complex. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal