GO EXTREME BIO: Maiden in Øst for Paradis

Language: English

In collaboration with Cinemateket, the exhibition GO EXTREME host a screening of Maiden at the cinema Øst for Paradis. A documentary about the first all-female herd to participate in the toughest regatta in the world, The Whitbread Round the World Race (today The Ocean Race).

The year is 1989. The only 24-year-old Englishman Tracy Edwards registers a team of 12 women who, over the next nine months, will be crossing superhuman physical and mental boundaries in the aim to get to the top of the prestigious and deadly competition, and which, even before the start, is facing a foaming sea of gender bias.

On the paper the challenge is utopian, and Edwards ends up having to charge her house to get it financed. Everyone – not least the male competitors – shakes their heads and predict that the 'experiment' has a maximum of a few stages. But the steadfast herd has completely different plans!

"A film about equality and the right to pursue your dreams – at every cost... it activates all of your emotions, "wrote the Danish culture zine Soundvenue it it's five-star review.

GO EXTREME-project director Peter Ole Pedersen introduces the film and sets in connection to the themes of *GO EXTREME'.

English dialogue. Original voice
Is screened without subtitles
Great Britain 2018
97 min.
Age restrictions: + 15 years