Hans Christian Korsholm Nielsen
Administrative Leader

M: +45 41 49 90 76

Peter Ole Pedersen
Chief Curator

M: +45 31 20 54 77


Camilla Birgitte Munch
Administration & Economics

Communication, press and marketing

Anne Riis
Communications Manager

Simone Nybo Jantzen
Communication & SoMe

M: +45 41 49 90 74


Seolhui Lee

Matias Gulvad Jørgensen
Curator Assistant & Shop Manager

Sally Baasch Søndergaard
Educator / Guide


Joaquin Zaragoza
Technical Management

Leonardo Sagastuy

Café & Information Team

Julie Dalsgaard Hvass, Oliver Michaels, Tor Duca, Vigga Bang-Larsen, Siri Christine W. Feil.

Siri Christine W. Feil
Cafe Management

Board of directors

Lars Kiel Bertelsen (Chairperson)
Birte Ravn Østergaard (Vice Chairperson)
Hans Peter Blichfeldt Dinesen
Annika Lundgren
Lone Hedegaard Kristensen


For PhD and Post-Doc applicants

Current PhD and Post-Doc:
Anders Thrue Djurslev
Trine Friis Sørensen
Iben Mosbæk
Asker Bryld Staunæs

Tobias Dias

For PhD and Post-Doc applicants:

Please be aware that Kunsthal Aarhus does not receive any applications prior to having been approached eight weeks before deadline with a clear proposal of what, when and how you intend to be affiliated with Kunsthal Aarhus, and concrete activities presented in the period of your research.