Kunsthal Aarhus offers art theoretical and discussion-based educational tours based on the current exhibitions for both primary schools and youth education. The tours are held in Danish. Contact us if you wish to request a guided tour in English.

Contact Kunsthal Aarhus at to learn more about current and upcoming tours/workshops.

Guided tour for schools: 600 DKK
Workshops for schools: 1500 DKK

Current guided tours:
- Learning programs in a current exhibition
- What is a Kunsthal?
- What is and what can contemporary art do?

Read more about the different tours here.

In addition, Kunsthal Aarhus offers customized tours that are tailored to your needs and desired area of focus. Contact to hear more and make an appointment.

Primary schools in Aarhus can apply for reimbursement through ULF.

Look here for our guided tours for the general public.