GO EXTREME TALK - Gender and martial arts: Masculinity through Muay Thai

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At this event, philosophy and philology students and Muay Thai-aficionado Asger Juhl together with two of Denmark's best Thai boxers, Frederik Fenger and Mikkel Haahr, explore how you can see understand perceive through the Thai national martial arts Muay Thai. The event, which is neither full presentation nor complete performance, is based on the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's reflections on the two works of art in the Greek tragedy, the Apollinesque and the Dionysian. But theory meets practice.

Because with alternating performance, struggle and presentation, we hope to give a complete experience of how martial arts, art and Gender merge in Muay Thai and hopefully find new perspectives on masculinity.

Asger Juhl started out by training in Sor Rachan under Singnum Sor Rungroj, which himself trained under the legendary struggling Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, and has both trained and studied the original Thai philosophical, aesthetic, ethical and cultural facets of 'The art of the eight limbs'.

The event takes place in the basement of Kunsthal Aarhus.

Photo: Enneke Hempen
Photo: Enneke Hempen

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