Artist Talk with Heo Chanmi (KR), Ola Arent (PL) and Stella Geppert (DE)

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On Friday 4th November Kunsthal Aarhus holds artist talks with three of the international artists currently in residence at Malt AIR residency in Ebeltoft.

The artists are: Heo Chanmi (KR), Ola Arent (PL) and Stalla Geppert (DE).

The talks will be followed by our forthcoming event KA Friday Bar.

On the artists

South Korean artist Heo Chanmi (b. 1991) uses the traditional medium of expressive painting to define what it means to paint, norms associated to it and question subject matters connected to traditional landscape painting.

Ola Arent (b. 1995) is a Polish-Swedish artist who works in the field where art, social sustainability and environmental protection meet. Her interdisciplinary projects engage with forms of guerrilla gardening and social urban gardens to bring focus on topics such as social injustice, deforestation and the extermination of species.

Stella Geppert is a German sculptor and performing artist. Her practice is born out of the analysis of movement in communicative and bodily states that are formed and shaped by social conventions. Her works define the medium of drawing as a sculptural imprint of the essential movements of human interaction.

On Malt Air
The three institutions Maltfabrikken, Kunsthal Aarhus and The Danish Art Workshops have collaborated to create a high-quality residency for professional international artists with attractive living and working facilities, and promoting development of a broad network within the Danish art scene. The aim of Malt AIR is to help support and develop artists’ practice and research, and to encourage an exchange between Danish and international visual artists. We offer three-month residencies for two-three artists at a time. Each residency programme is tailored in a professional artistic manner and involves networking activities. To learn more:

Chanmi Heo, 'Practice for tomorrow', Acrylic gouache on Korean Paper, 2018. Photo: SpaceHeem.
Chanmi Heo, ‘Practice for tomorrow’, Acrylic gouache on Korean Paper, 2018. Photo: SpaceHeem.
Portrait of Stella Geppert. Photo: Thomas Bruns.
Portrait of Stella Geppert. Photo: Thomas Bruns.