Museum for fremtiden: ‘Recollecting Futures’, a conversation between visual artist Helene Nymann and curator Anders Thrue Djurslev (in Danish)

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Helene Nymann: 'Ode to Creode', 'Ode to Creode X' and 'Ode to Creode Y', 2022. Photo: Emilia Therese.
Helene Nymann: ‘Ode to Creode’, ‘Ode to Creode X’ and ‘Ode to Creode Y’, 2022. Photo: Emilia Therese.

Visual artist and artistic researcher at Interacting Minds Centre (AU) and Kunsthal Aarhus, Helene Nymann, talks about her artistic practice and her installation in Museum of the Future in conversation with dramaturg, curator and PhD researcher Anders Thrue Djurslev.

Two white sculptures rotate slowly in the space. They look like enlargened chromosomes or dancing bodies. Beneath them, a sandy landscape appears. Glass beads have drawn routes through their hills. A video lights up the space: Moving images of bodies, technology and landscapes follow each other. Mouths whisper and sing, before the audience is asked to sing along.

Helene Nymann’s installation in Museum of the Future consists of the video Ode to Creode, the sculptures Ode to Creode X and Ode to Creode Y, and the performative space created between them. The works build on Nymann’s extensive research in embodied knowledge, memory and memory techniques, anchored in Anthropology and Biology. Through a constellation of the theory of epigenetics and Aboroginal Song Lines, Nymann stages a transformative reflection on common notions of the relationship between nature and nurture, memory and imagination, past and present.

The Ode to Creode series (2022) is one of three installations presented in Musuem of the Future. In this conversation with the exhibition’s curator and dramaturg, Anders Thrue Djurslev, Helene Nymann describes her artistic research and the correspondences between aesthetic and scientific forms of knowledge. Furthermore, Nymann will answer how she has experienced being staged as part of a performance, as in the dramatized exhibition Museum of the Future.

“Singing together, like the audience is asked to do in my space in Museum of the Future is a kind of memory technique. […] There is something profound and beautiful in collective singing as a way of mapping a landscape through the presence of body and voice. The connection between land and melody is something immediate and available, something we can do right now, together. Can we sing forth our time?” – Helene Nymann

The artist talk is a part of a series of dialogues held in Kunsthal Aarhus about futurity in contemporary art, supported by the Danish Arts Council.

Museum of the Future is a co-production between Kunsthal Aarhus, Sort/Hvid and Aarhus Teater, opening in Kunsthal Aarhus on August 31-September 24, 2022. The exhibition is experienced in small groups every day, beginning on 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm with the duration of one hour. Tickets are available through Aarhus Teater at