Guided tour

Free entry
Language: Danish
The Dumpling Club, 'The Dumpling Club', 2022, 'Minimalism, Maximalism, Mechanissmmm', 'The Archive of Aesthetic Exploration'. Photo: Jacob Friis Holm Nielsen.
The Dumpling Club, ‘The Dumpling Club’, 2022, ‘Minimalism, Maximalism, Mechanissmmm’, ‘The Archive of Aesthetic Exploration’. Photo: Jacob Friis Holm Nielsen.

We are kicking off again the weekly guided tours in Danish and English of the current exhibition Minimalism-Maximalism-Mechanissmmm.
Booking is not required, and it is free to participate.

The tours will be led by our new guide Hanna Gerda Brøndal and take place on Thursdays. The tours take approximately 30 mins. And is held in both Danish and in English.

At 4 pm the tour is in Danish, and at 5 pm in English.