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How do artists push for our understanding of identity? The symposium New Tactics: Artistic Responses to Images of the Past expands the group exhibition New Tactics for Unseen Bodies at Galleri Image and examines the highly topical relationship between body and image in our time. Our bodies are changed and perceived in a close exchange with the images of them and photography, as technology, undergoes extensive changes.

The symposium explores images pictures of the past, which have shaped our current view of bodies, but the symposium will also question the pictures of the future, whether we can use tactical artistic methods to change our perspective on the body. The exhibition shows works by Michelle Eistrup (DK/JM), Juan Covelli (CO), Alinka Echeverria (UK/MX) and Alexandra Leykauf (DE). The symposium will be in English.

Three of the artists of the exhibition Michelle Eistrup (DK/JM), Juan Covelli (CO) and Alexandra Leykauf (DE) will take part in the symposium, as well as the exhibition’s curator Kirstine Autzen and associate professor and creativity researcher Jan Løhmann Stephensen as well as curator at Foam Amsterdam Mirjam Kooiman. See more at Galleri Image’s website:

The symposium takes place at Kunsthal Aarhus and is organised by Galleri Image in a collaboration with Art Week, Aarhus University and Kunsthal Aarhus.

The exhibition New Tactics for Unseen Bodies is open until the 26.06.2022 at Galleri Image.

Michelle Eistrup, “Zaka Zaka” from Charging Change, 2022
Michelle Eistrup, “Zaka Zaka” from Charging Change, 2022