Performance: Olof Olsson “Driving the Doubts Away – an info comedy”

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Performance: Olof Olsson “Driving the Doubts Away – an info comedy”

13 May, 3 pm

Participation is free, but we recommend securing a seat by taking out a free ticket on Billetto.
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Was the Big Mac originally called the Aristocrat?
How do you know the difference between high culture and low culture?
Do we really share 98% of our genes with the pig?
Is the meatball really Swedish?

Driving the Doubts Away is the new info comedy* by Olof Olsson about a young and confused half-Swede (Olof) who gets into art school — and gets even more confused.
At the heart of the confusion stands Marcel Duchamp’s enigmatic Fountain, a urinal turned sculpture in 1917. In 2004 Fountain was voted — by a jury of “500 selected art world professionals” — as the most influential art work of the 20th century.

Throwing light on the main story are subplots on hygiene, heroin, cannibals, meatballs, the history of the hamburger, the catholic holy communion, the travels of Marco Polo, the mechanics of comedy, art salons, and — of course — sanitary porcelain.
Olof Olsson drives a rollercoaster of comic infotainment. From silly lows to poetic highs — and back again.

Featuring: 140 illustrations and seven original songs.
Duration: 2 hours (there will be a break!).

* An info comedy consists of 40% information, 30% comedy, 20% autobiography, and 10% melodrama.

Image: Courtesy Olof Olsson.
Image: Courtesy Olof Olsson.

Dutch-Swedish-Danish artist Olof Olsson works with language-based performance in the borderland between lectures, comedy, talk shows, speeches and Q&A sessions. As a young man, Olsson experimented with journalism, photography and radio DJing. He later studied languages, philosophy and translation theory before finally applying to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Art Academy, from which he graduated in 2002. After a number of years of conceptual art experiments, Olsson began performing in 2007.

Image: Courtesy af Olof Olsson.
Image: Courtesy af Olof Olsson.