Fredrik Værslev
La Constance Du Jardinier – en Udendørs Ophængning Af Fredrik Værslevs Malerier

Fredrik Værslev has several times before experimented with alternative ways of displaying works. The series of minimalistic green and sienna striped paintings entitled La Constance du Jardinier with reference to the John Le Carré novel The Constant Gardener was originally presented on the trees of the island Île des Impressionnistes in France in the Fall of 2015. It is a common practice for Værslev to let his freshly painted works ”mature” outdoors, and let the canvasses absorb the micro data of nature. Throughout the two months exhibition in Kunsthal Aarhus' garden, the paintings will thus continue to gradually change character and the cotton will record the signatures of possible seagulls’, pigeons’ and snail tracks on the material.

In connection with the exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus and CNEAI have published the book Fredrik Værslev – La Constance du Jardinier on Hatje Cantz. The book can be purchased in Kunsthal Aarhus.

The exhibition is created in collaboration with CNEAI, Chatou.

Exhibition period: 31 August–23 October 2016

Opening: 31 August, 5pm