KP & Spring

The Artists Easter Exhibition (KP), presented for the 70th time this year, is one of the five nationally recognized open juried exhibitions in Denmark. It is an annual censored exhibition that allows established as well as upcoming artists to present their work to a broad audience. A selection of the 93 artworks was made by an invited jury.

KP values both tradition and renewal and gives established artists as well as new talents the opportunity to introduce their works to a larger audience. Current trends in art are introduced through the jury’s selection.

The jury consists of five art professionals and performing artists. They review all works and select the art pieces to be exhibited, on basis of artistic quality criteria.

The 2016 jury is:
René Holm
Louise Hindsgavl
Anders Bonnesen
Jeannette Ehlers
Peter Linde Busk

As one of the more prominent censored exhibitions in Denmark, KP differs by not only exhibiting the works chosen by the jury, but also – by way of the SPRING exhibition – to continue the work with a select group of former KP exhibitors.

Exhibitors at SPRING16 are:
Janne Kruse
Karen Gamborg Knudsen
Søren Krag

Tanja Nellemann

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Åbning med uddeling af KP-pris. KP generalforsamling kl. 17-18.30 (lukket arrangement - kun for KPs medlemmer).

Censor-talk med billedkunstner René Holm. Moderator Trine Rytter Andersen.

Finissage med uddeling af Publikumsprisen samt Artist-talk med SPRING-udstillerne. Moderater Trine Rytter Andersen. Performance ved Søren Krag (SPRING).