NB! Due to COVID19 the Danish Government's have chosen to close museum and culture institutions, we have regrettably had to cancel KP's exhibition.

An annual tradition underpinned by annual uncertainties: KP (Artists’ Easter Exhibition). Nothing can be planned until a few weeks before the opening when the jury has selected works from new talents and established artists. This year’s jury comprised five Danish artists: Milena Bonifacini, Kaspar Bonnén, Esben Klemann, Bodil Sohn and Mariko Wada. The choices made by the jury ensures that the exhibition will present some of the cutting-edge movements and trends found within the arts today.

Five artists who have previously made a particular impact at KP are singled out for special attention at SPRING. For SPRING20, the board of the exhibition has invited Marie Kaarøe, Pascal Mayet, Kamilla Mez and Olivia Willman to develop and show major projects in collaboration with each other – and with artist Marianne Jørgensen, who has acted as mentor during the preparatory stages.

Katharina Welper, doméstico perverso (domestic perverse), Video, 1:37 min
Katharina Welper, doméstico perverso (domestic perverse), Video, 1:37 min

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