Lehman Brothers


Inspired by the silent movie’s combination of images and text, we are introducing a series of solo presentations on Instagram. It is an attempt to use an analogue storytelling method in the digital sphere of social media.

One image by one artist will be posted in the afternoon (central European time) every day starting on the first of every month during 2017.

Lehman Brothers - Trojan Barclays Horse

The investment bank Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in 2008 in the wake of the financial crisis. Barclays Bank bought most of the remaining assets. In 2012 Lehman Brothers resurfaced as an artist group with the name and glamour of high risk investments but no assets in possession.

"Now we claw back buying stocks in Barclays Bank on the 1st of every month in an ongoing buyout."

The artist group Lehman Brothers has changing members and was startet in 2012 by Peter Birkholm, Morten Espersen, Jonas Kasper Jensen and Kim Kilde.