Little ASJC

Art Sonje Center and Kunsthal Aarhus begin a new institutional exchange and collaboration. During the next eight months, the two contemporary art institutions in South Korea and Denmark are joining forces to exchange exhibitions presenting some of their most recent productions and activities.

Simultaneously opening in two cities; Seoul and Aarhus, the project is entitled Little ASJC in Aarhus and Little KA in Seoul. It involves a new radical approach of organizing a series of exhibitions with each institution inviting the other into its own space. In doing so, the project attempts to question and challenge the idea of hospitality. The two institutions share common interests in producing and representing works and ideas by innovative artists.

Proudly working as a form of collaboration despite the global pandemic, Little ASJC and Little KA will continue to present different methods of introducing contemporary artists as well as working with them.

The culmination of the project will take place in the first part of 2022. According to plan, Kunsthal Aarhus will curate the exhibition programme for Art Sonje Center while Art Sonje Center will curate the exhibition programme for Kunsthal Aarhus during the first part of 2022. This means that the institution in Denmark decides which artists are to be presented in Korea and vice versa. But for now, we begin with smaller steps.

Sung Min Jung, tandsmør, 23.09.-22.10.2021

The last exhibition in the Little ASJC project, Song Min Jung’s tandsmør incorporates Window, a video work previously shared by the artist at Night Turns to Day, an Art Sonje Center exhibition that took place in the winter of 2019/2020 and was designed as a response to acts of violence against women that were happening in Korea at the time.

Adopting a conversational approach to examine the similar events and experiences of four women living in late 19th century Vienna, France of 1899, Russia of 1901, and Seoul in 2020, it consists of shared letters and conversations between past, present, and future. Window is conceived as an up-close examination of present-day issues based on the multifaceted anxieties and camaraderie experienced by people facing a cloudy, amorphous future. The video consists of a single image showing a bird precariously flying in the face of a snowstorm.

In it, voiceless words exist in layered form, representing bodies in a state of drifting, unable to fully occupy a solid world. The work is presented through various smartphones within the pocket spaces of Kunsthal Aarhus. Other than Lee Young-jun, who traveled to Aarhus for research purposes, Song is the only one of the artists in the Little ASJC exhibition to visit the Danish city in person to set up her installation during the pandemic.

About the Artist
Song Min Jung
South Korean artist Song Min Jung has participated in several group exhibition such as Busan Biennale 2020: an exhibition in ten chapters and five poems (Museum of Comtemporary Art Busan, 2020), Night Turns to day (Art Sonje Center, 2019), Young Korean Artists 2019 (MMCA Korea, 2019), PRO-TEST (SeMA Bunker, 2019), Dear Amazon (Ilmin Museum of Art, 2019), and Asian Film and Video Art Forum (MMCA Korea, 2019). Her solo exhibitions include COLD MOOD (1000% soft point), at Tastehouse, Seoul (2018).

Work List
-Window, 2020, Full HD, sound, 18 min 21 sec

Yeesookyung, Moonlight Crown – Intimate Sisters, 21.07.-19.08.2021

Moonlight Crown – Intimate Sisters is a twin exhibition of Yeesookyung’s solo exhibition Moonlight Crown, opening at Art Sonje Center from July 29 to September 26

Don Sunpil, Cats on Mars, 21.06.-20.07.2021

Don Sunpil is an artist who dryly dismantles objects and backgrounds that often appear in subcultures, as well as the affection for them

Donghee Kim, Sequence Type, 21.04.–20.05.2021

Donghee Kim incorporates materials and forms from urban architecture or structural facilities into his sculptures and installations

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