Old News

Come and get you free samples of Old News.

New editions by Camille Henrot, Pia Rönicke, Liz Magic Laser, Walead Beshty og Jennifer Mills. In earlier editions are contributions from: Annika Eriksson, Alfredo Jaar, Thomas Hirshhorn, Julie Ault, Nevin Aladag, Sven Augustijnen, Karl Holmqvist, Jens Haaning, Anri Sala among others.

Old News is a project about information, the media and recycled, reprinted news. Old News is a non-profit newspaper presenting a selection of articles, images and words clipped from newspapers. The articles that appear in this newspaper were all cut by individual artists for the purpose of redistributing the news. Old News is a second-generation, free-copyright newspaper. The Old News newspaper is free.

Exhibition period: 15 March–9 April 2017