Café Kunsthal

Café Kunsthal serves food with local and/or ecological commodity. Every week we get the season’s vegetables delivered by Niels from the Danish island Samsø. Out coffee and tee are delivered by Sigfreds Kaffefabrik and our wine fro Theis Wine. Furthermore, we have a big collection of beer and soda.

You are welcome on your own, with your study group or your special someone. It's your decision.


Homemade bun with butter, cheese and homemade sweets
25 DKK

The Holy Burger
Brioche burger with salad, veggie patty, cheese, estragon aioli and compote. Served with green salad
80 DKK

Foccacia- or ”Rugbrøds” Toast
30 DKK

Dish of the Day
Served with bread
45 DKK

Homebaked Cakes
Ask in the café


Brunch & Art

Every Saturday and Sunday, Cafe Kunsthal serves delicious homemade brunch from 10 am–13 pm.