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Knowledgeable or ignorant, suitable or unsuitable, wise or stupid: these are ways the world can be divided up. With The Ignorant Schoolmaster, Kunsthal Aarhus turns classic ideas of education upside down to experiment with the relationship between audience, artist and institution.

11.09.-27.09.2020 Chapter I

Listen to podcast about chapter I of The Ignorant Schoolmaster

Jette Gejl Kristensen with Birthe Steenbech Andersen, Lise Rendbæk, Steffen Holm, Stefi Pedersen, Elsebeth Lerche Olsen and Adam Mønster

29.09.-11.10.2020 Chapter Il

Lisa Nyberg

13.10.-25.10.2020 Chapter Ill

Olga Benedicte

27.10.-08.11.2020 Chapter IV

Jakob Jakobsen with Center for Art and Mental Health: Anna Rieder, Frejahassel Nanet Sommer, Simon Egeskov, Nina Bruun, Louise Fritzsche, Claus Poulsen and Birgit Bundesen

10.11.-22.11.2020 Chapter V

Louise Haugaard Jørgensen with translators: Julie Stokkendal, Markus Lantto, Saskia Vogel, Richard Stoiber and Kenn Mouritzen

18.11.2020 Public evaluation

Evaluation with all the artists.

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