Pilvi Takala
Lost Pigeons

Kunsthal Aarhus has started a collaboration with the NorthSide Festival and presents a project by Pilvi Takala – a warmup to the Finish artist's exhibition in Kunsthal Aarhus opening 22 June.

Lost Pigeons was developed in Ghent, where Takala became fascinated with the local community of pigeon fanciers. While top racing pigeons are auctioned for high prices, losing birds is an essential part of the pigeon sport and all our street pigeons are lost racing pigeons and their offspring. During the racing season 2012, Takala collected information on the birds fanciers in Ghent, and posters were made to announce each lost pigeon. The posters connect to a sound piece, a phone conversation between the artist and a fancier, offering insight into the economy of the pigeon sport.

Keep an eye on Lost Pigeons 17–19 June at the camino to NorthSide.