Zeno Van Den Broek
Spor Festival 2017: Panauditum

Kunsthal Aarhus and SPOR Festival are happy to present a new installation by the dutch composer and artist Zeno van den Broek.

Panauditum is a new installation based on the role of sound in our modern surveillance society. We are very aware of the value and strength of our appearance and image, but less aware of how valuable and personal the sound we produce is. Our voices can be seen as fingerprints, each with its own unique distinguishable character. Panauditum works with the unconsciously distributed sounds by visitors to the exhibition space, building an evolving composition of speech and electronic artefacts of communication devices. The resonating wall-mounted sculpture interacts with the visitors, raising awareness on the intimacy of sound in relation to the oppressing reality of hidden surveillance.

Zeno van den Broek is a Dutch-born, Copenhagen-based composer and artist. His work is focused on space, time and architecture. Zeno works in a multi-sensory way to research and express notions of spatial awareness. Van den Broek utilizes immaterial and temporal means such as sound, acoustics and projections to create site and concept specific works. This trans-disciplinary method has a strong conceptual foundation, which enables Zeno to comprehend and express the richness and complexity of spatiality.

In his compositions he explores the relation between musical forms, structures and auditive spatiality, drawing inspiration from architecture, mathematical and physical concepts. Van den Broek’s live performances combine and synthesize the visible and the audible. Sound and projections merge with the existing architecture of the venue, creating a new and fluid spatial reality. His installations are often location-specific, utilizing and intensifying the existing visual and acoustic qualities of the site. Zeno van den Broek is hired by Non-Fiction, Gaudeamus Foundation and The Old Church of Amsterdam to create new works and his works will be presentet at a wide range of festivals and venues like Incubate Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, CTM Vorspiel, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, VPRO Vrije Geluiden, Sedition and TBC, Los Angeles.

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Exhibition period: 11 -14 May 2017
Opening reception: 12 May 2017, 2pm